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Meet Origin's Founder

Nicole's Journey to Teacher & Creation of Origin

I never intended to be a teacher, but the path chose me. An avid athlete since childhood, yoga and group fitness classes were initially a way for me to disconnect from my body and escape my current reality. I needed my mind to be quiet, and I wasn’t willing to address what was happening in my body, it was too painful, scary and unknown. I also felt a lot of shame and embarrassment, so instead of paying attention, I shut down.

In my early twenties, I found myself in a fairly mellow yoga class, we paused in Warrior II and something happened, something that I’d never experienced before. My body felt heavy, my tongue thick, I couldn’t breathe, my heart started racing, my muscles twitched, I panicked. I found myself crumpled in the corner at the end of class, silently crying, trying to make sense of the trauma that I had just relived in snippets of images and muscle memory; my teacher turned off the lights, left the room, and left me there alone.

Ultimately, this experience changed my life. I was attending Naropa University, a Buddhist inspired college and leader in the contemplative education movement, an approach that integrates Eastern wisdom studies and traditional Western scholarship. After my panic attack in yoga class, I decided to pursue a degree in psychology, and a minor in yoga, so I could begin to understand what had happened to me in class that day.

Everyone has different thresholds for stress and discomfort, and I’ve discovered that mindful movement based “exercise” is an opportunity to build the strength, stamina and focus needed for me to break my heart wide open, and turn fully towards my experience of life. I’m fit and strong, and I can do some crazy “yoga” stuff with my body, but that’s not why I practice. Yoga in particular is my journey of self-inquiry and discovery, it’s usually not very pretty, but it gives me a place to feel sadness so I can let the joy in.

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Origin's Concept

our mission is to transform lives through mindful and accessible fitness

Origin provides a welcoming space where members can begin a journey of self-discovery and exploration through sustainable functional fitness modalities. Trauma-informed care is an integral part of Origin’s teaching methodology, making it a destination for a wide demographic of fitness enthusiasts. Origin’s founder, Nicole, is committed to empowering bodies and minds in a safe, supportive and encouraging way.

Transformative Functional Fitness is a practice of precision, focused intensity and mind-body connection, essential components that lead to confidence and optimal results, both on the mat and in everyday life.

Educational and Inspirational Exercise builds stability, strength and mobility in the body, reduces stress and enhances our quality of life.

Purposeful Practice empowers us to honor our limitations and challenges us to grow. Through humility and a dedication to continuous personal growth, we learn to create peace within ourselves, which radiates peacefulness to our greater community and world.

Sacred Safe Space is created through trauma informed teaching modalities, and our intimate sized classes, which allow for a more personalized and non-intimidating experience.

Inspired Community Spirit recognizing that together we inspire, provide support and accountability for our personal and collective journey of self-exploration though intentional movement (exercise). We live intentionally, from a place of respect, integrity, compassion and honesty; we live a RICH life.

CO YOGA+Life Magazine Features Origin Fitness!

Summer 2018 Issue - Page 22

Origin Fitness featured on Colorado Yoga+Life Magazine summer 2018 issue page 22 and cover

Here's What Folks Have to Say About Nicole

Client Testimonials

"Nicole knows her stuff when it comes to teaching yoga and fitness...She is engaged and committed to her work."

Noelle D.

"Nicole is a great teacher. I've taken many classes from her over the years. Her knowledge is outstanding and her instruction is great. She is one of the best and I try and go see her every chance I get!"

Birchann P.

"I have been a member of most every fitness club over the last 20 years. Nicole is simply the most professional, well prepared and knowledgeable instructor in Fort Collins. Each week Nicole offers a different, innovative, and well balanced class that challenges regulars while providing modifications for new members. She demonstrates an understanding of biomechanics to prevent injury while creating needed burn to reshape the body. Nicole is respectful, encouraging and welcoming to all levels. Best of all her classes are fun and addictive!"

Katie L.

"Nicole is a fabulous Yoga Sculpt teacher! I felt sore for days and her sequence was fun and exciting. Nicole has always been very kind and personable. I would recommend going to any of her classes; she is an exciting teacher that understands how the body works in order to give you the most efficient workout."

Alyson S.