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Origin Barre Fitness


Barre Fitness is one of the fastest growing and hottest trends in the fitness industry. Barre classes are choreographed to motivating music, and mix elements of Pilates, dance, yoga and functional training, to create a no-impact full body workout. The method was developed by Lotte Berk, a German ballerina living in London. After suffering a back injury, Berk combined her dance conditioning training with rehabilitative physical therapy and opened her first studio in London in 1959. Lydia Bach, an American student of Berk’s brought the workout to New York City in 1971.

New interpretations of the restorative and therapeutic original method are surfacing daily as studios and franchises are opening at alarming rates. The rapid growth of the trend has resulted in a lack of attention to the fundamentals of the method, and sustainable functional human movement. Unlike yoga, barre isn’t yet a regulated field; Origin hopes to change this, but in the meantime we can assure you that our instruction is raising the bar for the industry.

Barre Fitness Class Descriptions

Origin Barre: An alignment based, low-impact full-body workout utilizing small, isometric movements to safely and effectively stabilize and strengthen your entire body. Evolved from the original Lotte Berk Method, Yoga and Pilates, and set to fun upbeat music, this class features exercises that lengthen and strengthen every major muscle group.

Barre Flow: A fusion of our signature barre class with elements of yoga including: a warm up and cool down flow, further emphasis on breath, the addition of basic yoga postures, and an extended surrender floor series at the end of class. Some yoga experience recommended by not required.

Heated Barre: A gently heated version of our classic barre class that uses less movement and fewer variations, focusing on deeper engagement in postures. Your muscles will warm up faster, and you will experience a detoxifying sweat that flushes toxins from your body, leaving you feeling euphoric and cleansed.

Cardio Barre Fusion: A unique, high energy class that combines barre work, light hand weights and intervals of high and low intensity no impact movements. Set to fun upbeat music, this class will strengthen and lengthen every major muscle group in your body, and get your heart rate up. Modifications are provided to accommodate barre fitness enthusiasts of all levels.

Praise for Nicole's Barre Fitness Classes

"I LOVE Nicole's Barre classes. She is an excellent instructor in every way. She's always prepared for class with a thoughtful set of exercises that balance repetition with creativity, maintaining my interest and enthusiasm week after week. Her cues, rhythm and description of alignment and muscles that should or shouldn't be engaged is impeccable!"

—Elizabeth B.

"I love, love, love Nicole's barre classes, they are so well structured, and she offers something new every week! Her cueing is amazing and I am seeing results in my body and in life."

—Rachael G.

"Nicole teaches the best barre classes- all classes should be taught like hers. I have never experienced a class that is so fun, challenging and engaging. I usually get bored in classes, but she talks the whole class and I learn something each time."

—Jess M.