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Origin Bootcamp


Why Bootcamp? This class is designed to strengthen your body in different ways than our barre, Pilates and yoga classes, and features special weekly programming combining strength/resistance training, plyometric, compound and body weight exercises, and cardiovascular conditioning. You will also see yoga, barre and Pilates concepts infused into the workout.

Our Bootcamp classes consist of customized circuit training exercises to rev up your metabolism, build strength and elevate your cardiovascular endurance, by rapidly moving from exercise to exercise with little rest in between. With an exercise regimen that is constantly changing, this class is designed to challenge your body and mind and keep you on your toes.

Every class will include a warm up and cool down, and approx. 40 mins. of work. You will rotate through 8 stations, work for 1 min. and then quickly transition to the next station. Although this interval style of training is potentially higher intensity and impact than our other classes, it still focuses on alignment and functional movement, and can be modified, making it accessible for anyone.

Cardio + Strength Bootcamp Class Description

Cardio + Strength Bootcamp: A high intensity interval workout that combines strength training and cardiovascular work to create functional fitness, agility and mobility. Class begins with a warm up and features a different circuit of exercises each week. A proper cool down ends each class including stretching and mobilizing. This class is designed for all levels and modifications are provided.