Mindful Life Coaching with HeartMath

transformative skills to find purpose and peace in a busy world

Nicole provides powerful, research based tools to help folks cultivate life long wellbeing by reducing stress, developing healthy mental habits, and prioritizing self-care.

Stress Management

lower your levels of stress, anxiety, depression, frustration and pain; learn to access the powerful and transformative energy of your heart

Emotional Regulation

achieve emotional stability and balance, and increase your levels of happiness and wellbeing; positively impact the world around you

Energy + Resilience

boost your energy and resilience; improve neuroplasticity allowing you to work and perform with more precision and focus

What is HeartMath?

HeartMath is a unique system of rigorous scientific research validated techniques and programs for people interested in personal development and improved emotional, mental and physical health. HeartMath techniques are based on over 25 years of scientific research conducted at the HeartMath Institute on the psychophysiology of stress, emotions, and the interactions between the heart and the brain.


How Does HeartMath Work?

HeartMath utilizes techniques to impact heart rate variability (HRV), which is a measure of the variation in time between heart beats. HRV is impacted by our autonomic nervous system (ANS). Scientists and physicians consider HRV to be an important indicator of overall health and fitness. As a marker of physiological resilience and behavioral flexibility, it reflects our ability to adapt effectively to stress and environmental demands. However, stress, poor sleep, a history of trauma, dysfunctional relationships and isolation can cause the ANS to go into overdrive, resulting in a chronic state of fight or flight. HRV is an easy way to assess the functioning of our ANS.

After an initial assessment, you will learn self-regulation and emotional restructuring tools that will allow you better clarity and decision making, especially in the face of challenge or overwhelm. These simple tools can be used anytime anywhere to shift you into a more coherent and harmonious state.


Coherence is an optimal state in which your heart, mind and emotions are operating in harmonius balance.

Science has shown that the rhythm of your heart beat affects how you think and feel. The HeartMath Institute has developed biofeedback technologies that allow you to observe your heart’s changing rhythms in real time. During in person sessions, you will have access to the emWave and Inner Balance devices which are also availble for you to purchase and use at home to continue to hone your skills.

HeartMath Technology


Inner Balance Bluetooth for Android & iPhone


emWave2 Computer Software & Sensor

It’s not an event or situation that causes stress, it’s how we emotionally respond, which is a heart-brain response.

Stress is an emotionally driven experience. It affects us physically, mentally and emotionally. These feelings often result from a deeper feeling or perception that we lack control over the events in our lives. Although we may not be able to control what’s going on in the external environment, we can learn to control our feelings and perceptions.


HeartMath Coaching Program

As the pace and pressures of life continue to speed up and intensify, more and more people are finding themselves feeling exhausted, anxious, frustrated, depressed and overwhelmed. The good news is that there are simple tools and practices we can learn to skillfully move through challenges and live more joyful and empowered lives.

Everyone can benefit from learning these techniques; studies have show measurable positive changes in children and adults with:

ADD and ADHD; test taking and performance anxiety

Chronic stress, exhaustion and fatigue

Anxiety, depression and trauma

Acute and chronic pain

During this (minimum) four session program, we will establish your internal baseline and determine attitudes and behaviors you'd like to change. You will learn emotional refocusing (useful in the heat of the moment) and emotional restructuring (long term baseline shift) tools that you will practice in between each session. You will receive handouts, ebooks and additional materials customized to your goals. 

HeartMath techniques help us rewire our physiology and nervous system so that we can move away from depleting patterns of stress and emotional chaos, and create a new emotional baseline of expansion, joy, resilience and ease. Our emotions and attitudes affect others, whether we are aware of it or not, and we have the power to take responsibility for our personal energy and the impact that it has on the people and world around us. We have the ability to not only change how we feel, but we can also positively impact the people around us.

Resilience is our capacity to prepare for, recover from, and adapt in the face of stress, challenge and adversity.

We want to move from experiencing depleting energies on a regular basis, to renewing energies. Depleting emotions cause your body to release stress hormones (cortisol). The negative impact of flooding your body with depleting emotions includes: reduced muscle mass, brain cell death, impaired memory, accelerated aging, impaired mental function and diminished performance.


Meet Your Coach, Nicole

Nicole is a certified HeartMath coach, mindful fitness studio owner and teacher. She works with folks of all ages by providing tools and support to reduce stress and become more mindful and embodied through many different modalities. In addition to HeartMath techniques and technology, Nicole uses her innovated fusion of meditation and mindfulness practices, including mindful movement, or "exercise" and clinical psychological tools including dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT). Nicole is also a Reiki practitioner, and loves to incorporate energy work, crystals and aromatherapy into her sessions.

Nicole understands deeply the negative impact that stress can have on our lives. As a trauma survivor with multiple autoimmune and mysterious dis-eases, she has dedicated her life to understanding emotional and psychological development, and the impact that stress and trauma, including ancestral trauma has on our bodies physically, mentally and spiritually. The tools and support she offers are things that have healed and transformed her life personally, and she's passionate about sharing them far and wide.

Her mission is to inspire positive change in the world by inspiring and empowering others to live life at their highest potential.



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