30min: Breathe Yourself Calm



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Class Details: (17min) During this short practice, you will create a sense of peace and calm in your body and nervous system by using your breath. The addition of a minty essential oil will compliment this practice if you have some.

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Breathe Yourself Calm with Essential Oils: (17 min) Breathing is one of the most vital functions of the body, and yet few of us know how to breathe properly. For instance, you may be surprised to learn it takes about 16 breaths to fully exchange your carbon dioxide and oxygen. The more intentional your breathing is, the greater the benefits in terms of posture, mental acuity, function and endurance. Not only does breathing allow us to exchange oxygen for carbon dioxide, it enables movement as well as regulating abdominal pressure and producing vocal sounds. Lack of movement, tension, poor posture and shallow breathing impair our body’s ability to fully support our organs leading to lack of vitality and function. Embodying function always improves function, which is why we focus on understanding the diaphragm’s location, purpose and movement in order to maximize its role in the process of breathing.

Recommended Equipment: No equipment needed. A minty essential oil will compliment this practice.

Features: Educational Guidance & Visualization and Body Awareness (not exercise).

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