45min Class: Release Your Neck & Liberate Your Shoulders



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Class Details: (42min) Our shoulders and necks are reactive body parts, habitually responding to stress, not enough movement, bad posture, incorrect movement, and emotional protection. For many, shoulder and neck pain is chronic, and in order to change how we feel, we need to create new feelings in our nervous system that express our desired state of relaxation and ease. “Sponging” muscles is an effective tool to utilize combined with imagery in order to achieve a new state of being in our minds and our muscles. Sponging muscles has the effect of increasing circulation and oxygenation as well as wringing out tension in order to produce relaxed, aligned shoulders and a softened neck promoting better movement, better posture, improved feelings and improved health. This is one of the most effective tools that can be done anywhere, at any time.


Release Your Neck & Liberate Your Shoulders with Debi Kennison (42min): Take care of your body with this restorative practice that offers invigoration and relaxation at the same time. These gentle poses and movements help you connect with your body’s resilience, or your ability to withstand stressful situations and challenges, and the capacity to thrive during even the most stressful of times. Rather than looking outside of ourselves for support and alignment, we turn inward to our innate, or natural, intelligence. 

Recommended Equipment: a yoga mat and a blanket or towel.

Features: Tension relief for your neck and shoulders.

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