60min Class: Bootcamp Bodyweight Circuit #1



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Class Details: (54min) High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Bodyweight exercises only (no equipment needed). Includes warm up + approx. 40 mins. work: 3 rounds of 8 exercise stations; 60 sec. per station; 30 sec rest.


This Bootcamp class consists of bodyweight exercises to rev up your metabolism, build strength and elevate your cardiovascular endurance, by rapidly moving from exercise to exercise with little rest in between. Class includes a warm up and approximately 40 minutes of work. You will rotate through 8 stations, work for 1 minute and then quickly transition to the next station. Although this interval style of training is potentially higher intensity and impact than our other classes, it still focuses on functional movement and can be modified, making it accessible for anyone, anywhere. This class was recorded with background music.

Recommended Equipment: two small towels or glider discs if you have them; if you’re working on carpet, wear socks or follow the modifications.

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