Mala: Journey of Transformation


ॐ  Healing Stones  ॐ

  • SUNSTONE increases happiness and optimism, brings good luck and prosperity. Known as the stone of Leadership, Sunstone carries healing energies of personal power, freedom, and enhanced consciousness. As a stone of light, Sunstone brings strength, openness, mental clarity, and joy. It promotes self-confidence, self-love, joy and universal love, creating vitality and warmth in your life.
  • LABRADORITE is known as the Stone of Magic, and is one of the most powerful protection stones. It protects against negativity and misfortunes, creating a shielding force throughout the aura and strengthening natural energies from within. Labradorite also clears and balances the aura, attracts success and increases self-confidence.
  • MOONSTONE is the stone for inner strength and personal growth. It’s known for providing calmness, enhancing intuition and is a wonderful stone for new beginnings.

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A Mala consists of 108 beads used for keeping track of mantras or prayers during meditation. Begin and end your practice at the bottom guru bead by setting and reflecting on your intention. A Mala is a sacred tool, even if it’s being worn as jewelry, it can be a way to remind yourself to stay present & be mindful in your daily life.


All Malas are authentic, genuine and Reiki infused high vibrational jewelry, created with love and intention. Stones are meticulously chosen and arranged to ensure each piece flows gracefully from one bead to the next. The beads are strung on a strong nylon cord and individually hand knotted to provide strength and longevity. Tassels are made of cotton, not silk, to help extend the life of your Mala and avoid harm to any sentient beings.

Your purchase includes a card detailing the healing properties for this Mala along with unique mantras, and a bag to store your Mala or to give it as a gift.